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treatment of joint diseases

Pain in the joints and spine, in turn, is what makes your life insufficient, reducing its quality, forcing you to seek medical advice. In most cases, it is a signal of an impending “catastrophe”, which today is osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis. According to the world statistics, every third inhabitant of the planet is suffering from this disease.

All these diseases are chronic and progressive in nature. Therefore, untimely medical advice, non-compliance with your doctor’s recommendations will definitely lead to a disastrous result – disability, or require major expensive surgeries, which are also not always successful.

Doctors of the center, who have extensive work experience in the field, have used all the methods available for treatment of joint and spinal diseases, and a variety of medications in their practice.

Long-term follow-up of patients enables us to draw conclusions regarding the fact that there is no universal remedy providing full recovery as of today. All medications are designed for a long-term, sometimes lifelong use; they have negative side effects, which are sometimes more troublesome than the joint or spinal disease itself. In addition,

long-term use of medications is always expensive!!!!


Human body is a very complex system, which is able to fight many diseases. Therefore, it is reasonable to look for ways of treating them within. In this regard, safer and more effective biological methods of treatment of joint diseases and other diseases are designed and perfected all over the world.

Blood is one of the environments of the human body that washes all the organs, providing them with oxygen and other nutrients. Therefore, its components can be used as a drug substance.

This is the basis of plasma therapy technique, which is a fundamental technique offered at our center!


  • Blood sampling of a small amount of blood from a patient’s vein is a painless procedure performed by an experienced procedural nurse using a thin catheter (the amount of blood does not exceed the amount taken for your analysis before).

  • Blood centrifugation in a special centrifuge.
  • Plasma sampling from a tube with a special syringe.
  • Injection into your body tissues is also a completely painless procedure carried out with a fine needle;
  • when injected into the most sensitive areas, anesthesia is administered.
  • The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes.
  • All stages of the procedure are performed under conditions that eliminate risk of infection or contamination.


Plasma contains platelets, micronutrients, macronutrients and vitamins, which are in a state of maximum availability for body tissues (much greater than in tablets and capsules). Platelets contain growth factors that are released and which accelerate the tissue repair mechanism immediately after injection. As of today, there are no medications that could be compared in efficiency with the growth factors contained in platelets.

The CRUCIAL point here is the fact that this is the body’s own environment which:

  • excludes allergic reaction
  • excludes toxic effect on the body

Autoplasma is injected into soft tissues around the joints and spine – trigger zones, into the joint cavity, into muscles, ligaments, tissues surrounding nerve plexuses.

In most cases, pain subsides after the first procedure.


This effect lasts for up to 3 months. In addition, it improves tissue nutrition and blood circulation, and activates repair processes. This way, aside from an analgesic effect, it also stimulates articular cartilage repair, thereby suspending joint degeneration.

Standard treatment course includes 4 injections with an interval of 7 days. Sometimes additional single injections are required (issue to be solved individually depending on localization and degree of the process severity). The treatment course is followed by another one after 6 months.

This is one of the most important rules of the technique!!!!!!!

Non-compliance leads to the loss of the effect achieved at the previous courses.

During all the stages of procedures, certified equipment is used in order to obtain the optimal plasma composition and achieve maximum therapeutic success.