Questions and answers about plasmolifting

It is medical technology involving use of injectable preparation of autoplasma platelet concentrate.
This technology is adapted for use in cosmetology.
Technology is used in dermatological cosmetology, dentistry, orthopedics and traumatology, neurology, surgery, endocrinology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, allergology, urology, gynecology. Abovementioned areas are the areas where technology is used most broadly, though there are studies confirming its efficiency in other therapeutic areas.
Yes, such clinical trials have been carried out for 8 years.
The authors of the technology are R.Achmerov and R.Zarudii. Term “plasmolifting” was introduced by Renat Achmerov. They pioneered in application of this technology and published the results of clinical trials.
Effect is stipulated by growth promoting substances contained in platelets which are introduced into damaged tissue after platelet activation as a result of plasmolifting treatment. Besides, plasma contains micro- and macro elements and vitamins in most bioavailable state for tissues of human.
Regenerative potential of growth promoting substances produced by platelets surpasses other pharmacologic products by far. They are better uptaken by body tissues; consequently, treatment effect is more sustained. There is no sensitization or toxic response of the body, as the self-tissues are used.
No, these technologies are absolutely different. Plasmolifting safety is determined by the fact that platelet growth factors have no carcinogenic properties, don`t cause cell mutation and, therefore, cannot promote development of cancer. Stem cells adaptation process is always much more unpredictable.
Such risk is eliminated, as all used tools and consumables are sterile and disposable.
Yes, it does. Such contra indications include severe somatic at decompensation stage, blood disorders - including those accompanied by thrombocytopenia, oncological diseases (technology should be used with care at the discretion of the doctor), contagious diseases and empyesis. Anyway, any decision should be made by the doctor for individual case in the course of counselling.
In 40% of cases improvement can be noticed after the first treatment. In general full course of treatment comprises 4 injections spaced a week apart. It is very important to keep treatment technology and repeat courses every six months!!! Otherwise the effect of previous course is cancelled out.
It is advisable to carry out treatment in the fasted state, but if it is performed late in the afternoon, it is advisable to avoid spicy and fatty food and alcohol. The day before, fluid intake in the amount of up to one liter and a half, as well as stress avoidance would be reasonable.
Healthy lifestyle and avoidance of heavy physical activities are recommended, there are no specific limitations.
In most cases it is not, as injections are made with narrow disposable needles. An exception can be made for face plasmolifting – sometimes cream or gel can be used for pain relief.
At the moment there are two main technologies approved for autoplasma use – they are PRP (a very expensive and not popular within the territory of CIS countries) and plasmolifting – available and certified in the territory of CIS. All other advertisement offers are an attempt of plasma production without special certified equipment. Failure to follow the technology allows offering services at low prices, thus alluring patients, but making the procedure itself very dangerous for the organism.
Authors of the technology developed it basing on scientific researches, laws of cell life activity and clinical trials results obtained later.
They do sometimes, as any other injections.
Summer time is even recommended for this treatment, as intense impact of sun beams can cause pigment stains, and plasmolifting prevents photoaging efficiently.
It is better to do that after specialized medical consultation.
This technology is one of the most efficient technologies of hair thinning treatments in the world. It has no technology alternative to it. It is a fair assumption to say that its efficiency is within 60-80%.
In 1-2 months, eyelashes grow again 2-3 months.